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Updated: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What Is a Home Renovation Loan and Should You Think About One?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

For many homebuyers, a picture-perfect, move-in ready home is the dream. For others, a project house they can get for a discount and then put their personal stamp on is too good to pass up. The problem with many of these project houses, though: coming up with the money to complete the projects.nbsp;Once youve depleted your savings to gather the ...

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The Best Benefits of Houseplants
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Having greenery in your home isnt just aesthetically pleasing. There are a lot of great health benefits as well.Even if you dont have a natural green thumb, a plant here or there can still deliver the following benefits.Reduce StressWho among us couldnt do with a little less stress in our lives? This is especially true since many people are stil...

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What Real Estate Agents Should Know About Lightroom Presets
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

If youre a real estate professional, your photography is a top priority. Youre facing a lot of competition when it comes to beautiful real estate photos, but using Lightroom presets might help you stay distinctive.Well cover what you should know about Lightroom presets and how they work to help you figure out if you should integrate them into yo...

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Dressing Up Your Home
Written By: PJ Wade — Decisions & Communities

How long ago did you buy that IKEA kitchen because it was cool and affordable?nbsp;Now, the cupboards look tired and you dont feel like paying a fortune to have someone gut the kitchen which is otherwise fine.The internet is useful for more than shopping on Amazon and watching Netflix. There are ingenious creative alternatives out there if you j...

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Home Seller Tips To Having A Successful Open House
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Holding an open house for your soon-to-be-listed or newly on the market home is a lot like being on a game show where edging out the other contestants in a short period of time is key. In TV game shows, such as "Jeopardy," the contestants dont automatically know answers to so many trivia questions; they study and they plan and they make it appea...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Limited Common Elements, Quorum Rules
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: Does the board have the right to grant exclusive use of common areas to one or a few members? Several of our owners have requested to expand the size of their decks or patios.Answer: Common elements available to one or several members instead of all are referred to as "limited common elements". This means they are common but limited to...

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Less Stress – Managing Your Cash Flow As A Real Estate Agent
Written By: Marina Copeland

2020 hasnt been the best year for property sales. The market has experienced its biggest decline in almost a decade, slashing agents earnings dramatically. For many, this has led to cash flow issues as income has dropped or dried up altogether.nbsp;The role that commission plays in the real estate industry means that you need to prepare for unex...

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How To Deal With A Neighbor From Hell
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Nothing ruins new-home enjoyment like a neighbor who rules the roost with an iron fist and an intolerance for all things fun. Or the one who causes all the dramaor all the noise. And those are just a few of the types of neighbors you hope to NOT have.nbsp;You can read cautionary tale after cautionary tale, and get in a few laughs at the same tim...

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What Are the Features of an Entertaining House?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

If you ever watch real estate shows, youll often see the participants say they want to be able to entertain. What does that mean as far as the features in a home? If youre someone who likes to throw dinner parties or you regularly host gatherings, what features should you look for in a true entertaining house?An Open KitchenProbably the most pop...

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Earnest Money vs. Down Payment: How Do They Compare?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

There are two terms you might hear if youre in the market to buy a houseearnest money and down payment. The two are not interchangeable, but sometimes theres confusion between what they are, what they arent, and how they compare.Understanding both earnest money and a down payment is critical to buying a home. Too often, buyers will think only ab...

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How Google Chrome Plugins Have Become the New Best Friends of Realtors
Written By: Fernando Nunes

Make no mistake, real estate is a cut-throat industry, arguably one of the most competitive out there. If you dont act on your opportunities, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone else will. Connecting with prospects is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks for any successful realtor, seizing on opportunities to scratch the backs of ...

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When Is “For Sale By Owner” The Right Option?
Written By: Realty Times Staff

When you put your home on the market, one of the first decisions youll make is whether to hire an agent to represent the property or to go the for sale by owner route.While a portion of homeowners initially goes into selling their home on their own, they end up ultimately hiring an agent.Some of the big reasons homeowners decide to try and sell ...

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Simple Ways An HOA Can Go Green
Written By: Richard Thompson

While there is continuing debate about global climate change, one >Homeowner associations often control a variety of systems, processes, equipment, designs and materials. In all HOAs, there are opportunities to improve energy efficiency which often produce economic benefits as well. This is a win-win: doing well by doing good Here are some ways ...

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Secured vs. Unsecured Debt: How Lenders See Them
Written By: David Reed

A mortgage is a type of loan to finance real estate. The real estate can be a residential property or it can be a commercial one. The terms mortgage and loan arent necessarily interchangeable. Yes, a mortgage is a loan but a loan isnt necessarily a mortgage. One of the primary differences is whether or not the loan is deemed secured. What does t...

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September Real Estate Roundup
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that "Mortgage rates rose across all loan types this week as the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield reached its highest point since June. Many factors led to this increase, including the Federal Reserve communicating that it will taper its support of the capital markets, the broadening of...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Secured vs. Unsecured Debt: Ho...
A mortgage is a type of loan to finance real estate. The real estate can be a residential pr...

September Real Estate Roundup...
Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that "Mortgage rates rose a...

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