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Updated: Friday, September 18, 2020

Smart Home Improvement Tips To Save You Time, Money, And Aggravation
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Fixing up your house can bring great joy, and also personal satisfaction when you pitch in and DIY some of the tasks. But proper preparation is key to getting things done right. Take a short cut and youll likely end up with a project that that takes longer, costs more, looks like it was DIYd and hurts more than your bank balance along the way.Me...

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10 Things That Will Absolutely Kill Your Home Sale
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

When youre selling your home, you need every advantage you can get. And there are few homes that are magically market ready without a little help. If your home needs a touch more than a little help, its time to get focused. After all, listing your home when its not in the right condition to sell will probably only end in frustration. And, in thi...

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What’s an AKA Letter?
Written By: David Reed

An AKA, or Also Known As letter is one where the individual confirms a name variation has been used in the past. Lenders need to know exactly who theyre providing a loan for and during the course of receiving a loan application and reviewing a credit report, there can be more than one name listed on the report. How is that so? Its really very si...

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Building a Backyard Hockey Rink
Written By: Connie Adair

Homeowners are looking for ways to keep fit and keep their kids busy this winter, so its not surprising that thoughts are already turning to the backyard hockey rink.The nice thing is that there are options regardless of budget, from the handyman lumber frame rink, to easy-to-assemble kits, to full-blown NHL-size rinks and synthetic ice rinks.Tw...

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Should You Go Solar at Home?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Installing roof solar panels has become an increasingly popular option among homeowners in the United States. Solar panels will convert sunlight into energy, and then you can use that energy to power your home.While the cost of solar panels has gone down over the years, and increasingly people are installing them, its still a significant investm...

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Must-Know Real Estate Photography Tips
Written By: admin

When youre trying to sell a home, whether youre an owner, or youre a Realtor, the imagery you convey is one of the most important aspects of marketing. People are inherently visual, and if your photos online arent high-quality and visually appealing, youre not likely to garner interest in your property.Even if youre a photographer who wants to b...

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HOA Project Roll-Out
Written By: Richard Thompson

Winter is the time of year that a homeowner association board should be soliciting and reviewing proposals for fair weather renovation projects like painting, fencing, pool replastering, asphalt sealing and roofing. There are several practical reasons for starting the process early:Contractors are more available. Winter is a slow time for many c...

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Move Over She-Shed, Make Room for the Backyard Office
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

March ushered in a new way of life for many people due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the first things that happened in many states was workers were asked to telecommute from home whenever possible.Now, even though shutdowns are technically over in many places, it seems to be a trend thats sticking around.A lot of companies arent calling em...

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All About Lender Fees
Written By: David Reed

During a phone conversation with a mortgage loan officer for the first time, invariably the question of fees comes up. Yes, rates are at the top of the curious list but so too are lender fees. In addition to the interest rate, lenders can charge loan fees to help offset the cost of origination, processing and other items. But lets take a closer ...

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The Real Estate Market: Not “It” But “Them”
Written By: PJ Wade — Decisions & Communities

The real estate market is not an it but a them.Nation-wide or state-wide reports and forecasts along with pundit projections about the real estate market make this it sound homogeneous and large-scale. In reality, the wide-horizon perspective does not tell you exactly what is happening and will happen in your neighborhood or to your real estate....

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Ask the HOA Expert: Conservative Board, Emailing Board Members, Past Due Protocol
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: Our Board is considering hiring a resident member to be a resident manager. The candidate is retired and needs extra income. Is this a good idea?Answer: It is generally a very bad idea to hire a member to act as manager. It has been tried many times and I have never seen it work well. There are a number of reasons:nbsp;They ra>nbsp;The...

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How Can You Get a Mortgage If You’re a Freelancer?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Being a freelancer, contract worker, gig worker, or anyone self-employed is more common and popular than ever right now. There are downsides, such as the lack of benefits like health insurance. At the same time, there are more upsides for many professionals who choose to work this way.Upsides include freedom and flexibility to make your own sche...

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How Much House Can You Reasonably Afford?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Theres a term called house poor, and its something you absolutely want to avoid.When you hear someone saying theyre house poor, it means theyre spending a significant portion of their income on all-things >Being smart when you buy a home and knowing what you can realistically afford can help you avoid being house poor.There are a few mistakes pe...

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Improving Home Appeal: Herb Gardens
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Having an herb garden can help demonstrate to potential buyers that your home is one in which to put down "roots." Though an herb garden may be a >When beginning the planning of your herb garden it is important to consider two things:nbsp; What are your needs when it comes to cooking, displaying, and your general usage of herbs?nbsp; What is the...

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Financing a Rental Property: What to Know
Written By: David Reed

With interest rates flirting again with historic lows over the past couple of months, many are looking to invest in real estate. Rates are low and as such the situation offers the opportunity for monthly cash flow as well as long term appreciation. If youre looking to expand your portfolio and get beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds, adding re...

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Move Over She-Shed, Make Room ...
March ushered in a new way of life for many people due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of t...

HOA Project Roll-Out...
Winter is the time of year that a homeowner association board should be soliciting and revie...

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