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Updated: Sunday, August 1, 2021

Tips to Deal with Difficult Clients as a Real Estate Agent
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

When youre a real estate agent, its not uncommon to deal with difficult clients, but some might be more so than others.Some clients may be very particular about what they want, while others might not seem to trust your advice. There can also be those clients who seem to want all of your time and attention, making you unsure if youre ever going t...

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“Where Do I Go From Here?”
Written By: PJ Wade — Decisions & Communities

Buyers and sellers asking themselves, Where do I go from here may be as puzzled as the rest of us about what is coming next. Scrolling through headlines and feeds for answers can make you very anxious. You dont gain any depth of insight or inspiration there. Marketing intensity can taint decision making. For instance, theres been a barrage of wo...

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Ask the HOA Expert: Solicitation And Trespassing
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: Our HOA entrance is posted with signs that prohibit both solicitation and trespassing. However, we frequently have people wandering through the community leaving coupons and flyers on the doors. This prompts owner complaints why this is "allowed". The greatest concern is security because many units are second homes and vacant much of t...

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Why Real Estate Agents Should Consider The New Home Market
Written By: David Fletcher, NHCB

Last year, about 5.6 million homes were sold in the resale market and close to a million were newly constructed homes. While there is no doubt that the used market has a higher volume, the competition among real estate agents to find resale buyers is unspeakable.nbsp;New agents coming into real estate have no idea how difficult listing and selli...

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Don’t Get Paid Once Per Month? How Lenders Calculate Qualifying Income
Written By: David Reed

Lenders want to make sure you can afford the new monthly payments that come with a new mortgage. Makes sense, right? Well, not only does it make sense but so-called Ability to Repay or ATR determinations are the requirement of most every residential mortgage made in todays environment. Lenders make that determination by comparing gross monthly i...

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How to Keep For-Sale Properties Safe
Written By: Mindy Woodall

Congratulations, youve put your property on the market Thats a huge step toward the next phase of your life, whether thats buying a new house or just selling off a rental property.But for potential intruders, that for-sale sign means something else enti>How do you keep your property safe while its on the market? A fewnbsp;smart home security mea...

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Must-Know Real Estate Photography Tips
Written By: Realty Times Staff

When youre trying to sell a home, whether youre an owner, or youre a Realtor, the imagery you convey is one of the most important aspects of marketing. People are inherently visual, and if your photos online arent high-quality and visually appealing, youre not likely to garner interest in your property.Even if youre a photographer who wants to b...

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7 Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate
Written By: Jim Hughes

For the longest time, Commercial Real Estate or CRE investing has been accessible only to more seasoned investorsthose who have larger portfolios. Beginner investors, though, would find this particular market difficult to crack...but that was before.nbsp;Today, thanks to the internet and online marketplaces, anyone can be an investor in real est...

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Can You Buy a House Without a Real Estate Agent?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

If youre wondering whether or not you can buy a house without a real estate agent, the short answer is that yes, you can. Whether or not thats a good idea can be a different answer, though.Why Would You Not Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Home?The main reason you might be thinking about it is that when you dont use an agent, you dont want to pa...

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Are There Situations Where Renting Makes More Sense Than Buying?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

The traditional advice that youllnbsp; often hear as far as renting versus buying is that its always better to buy a house when you can. Otherwise, as youve probably heard, its like youre throwing money away by giving it to your landlord rather than building equity in your own home.Of course, this is true. Buying a home can be a smart long-term ...

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The Nightmare Next Door: What To Do When Your Neighbor Is a Nuisance
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

So how do you know how to handle a nuisance neighbor, and what should you do when the situation gets out of control? Knowing who youre dealing with is step one.Annoying but probably not dangerousThe situation: Your neighbor is a busybody, always in everyones business and clearly enjoys spreading it around. The animosity she creates is making it ...

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Clever Ways To Give Your Small Bathroom Some Pop And Make It Look Larger
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Cover those wallsThe old-school wallcovering is back in a big way, and you dont need a big space to make it work. In fact, the right print and some complementary details can make a small bathroom the most impactful room in the home.Consider the vanityThe floating vanity trend looks great in any type of space, but it was tailor-made for a small b...

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Can Someone Really Steal Your Home All Online?
Written By: David Reed

Ive been hearing the occasional advertisement about how easy it is to steal your home without you even knowing about it. Companies announce protection against title thieves as an insurance policy. The process they claim is >Everything on the deed transfer is fake. The notion is that ownership is stolen from you, the new owner then proceeds to ta...

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Tying Up HOA Loose Ends
Written By: Richard Thompson

As homeowner associations age, certain illegal "additions" to the common area tend to creep in like storage sheds, fences, patio roofs, awnings and gardens. These add-ons flourish when the Board is asleep at the wheel or disinclined to challenge the offenders. Eventually, a Board is elected that understands things have gotten out of hand and a c...

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What Does It Mean to Build Equity?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

If you own a home, one of the benefits compared to renting is that each month youre making mortgage payments, so youre building an asset which is equity. Equity refers to the amount of your home that you truly own after you take into account the debt you owe.To calculate your current equity, you should subtract your loan balance from your homes ...

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Can You Buy a House Without a ...
If youre wondering whether or not you can buy a house without a real estate agent, the short...

7 Benefits of Investing in Com...
For the longest time, Commercial Real Estate or CRE investing has been accessible only to mo...

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