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Updated: Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ask the HOA Expert: The Meeting Agenda
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: How does the board choreograph a meeting if not allowed to meet privately in advance? We have always scheduled work sessions every other month prior to the open board meetings. Some members are calling us on it. Some board members have said they will resign if they have to face a room full of homeowners every month.Answer: The choreogr...

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Refinancing: The Risks of Waiting
Written By: David Reed

If youve been thinking of refinancing lately, as many certainly have, it might be a good move to go ahead and make the move. Especially for those who have been on the fence over the past few months. The market has been >What are these risks? The biggest is rates moving to higher levels and never looking back. Conventional fixed rate mortgages ar...

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How America Got Its First Christmas Tree
Written By: Peter Miller

Christmas trees now sparkle in millions of homes, but did you ever wonder how the tradition began? No doubt there are several stories regarding the start of this custom, and heres one Id like to pass along."Its now been more than 150 years since Professor Charles Minnigerode decorated Williamsburgs first Christmas tree," says Robert C. Wilburn, ...

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The Most Fascinating Christmas Traditions
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Think your family tradition of dressing up in feetie pajamas and sipping hot chocolate while you drive through the neighborhood looking at holiday lights on Christmas Eve is unique?There is a great big world full of odd and interesting and fantastic and sometimes puzzling, were not gonna lie holiday traditions out there. Weve pulled together a f...

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Top Remodels and Renovations That Actually Pay Off
Written By: Ben Mizes

In 2017, Americans spent over 6,600 per homeowner on home improvement projects. Perhaps its because of the popularity of HGTV shows, but this has been on the rise.People are fascinated with having nice homes.nbsp;What about when its time to sell? Is it worth remodeling or renovating your home before putting it on the market?nbsp;Lets take a look...

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After Financing Your First Rental, It’s All Downhill From There
Written By: David Reed

At its most basic level financing a rental property is not much different than a primary residence as it >Financing programs for rental properties will require more down payment and higher rates. Why? Because when someone finds themselves headed into some degree of financial stress, the last thing they want to give up is their primary residence....

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Should You Hire an Interior Designer?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Whether youre moving to a new home or considering a refresh or remodel for your current one, you might be asking yourself whether or not you should hire an interior designer. A designer is someone who can create a beautiful space, but this scenario isnt for everyone.The following are considerations and both pros and cons that come with working w...

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What Should You Know About Buying a Starter Home?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

You may hear the term starter home pretty frequently, but wonder as a buyer, what does that really mean?When youre buying a home for the first time, you have to not only understand what a starter home is for you but also whether its best to skip ahead and invest in your forever home.Whats Considered a Starter Home?A starter home can be a single-...

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Assets and Your Mortgage Application: What to Know
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

When youre applying for a mortgage, you shouldnt underestimate the important role of including your assets. Making sure you list all your assets can affect the type of mortgage you get, as well as your interest rate.When lenders are assessing applications for a home loan, they look at your credit score, debt and income, and also your total net w...

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Recruiting Directors In Your HOA
Written By: Richard Thompson

From time to time, it is necessary or desirable to recruit new directors. It may due to a vacancy or an upcoming election. Often volunteers are >To All Members of Nottacare Condominium,At the Annual Meeting, two positions for director of the board will be voted on. Anyone that is a owner in good standing current in HOA payments and no outstandin...

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Buying near a "Christmas House"
Written By: Realty Times Staff

A couple of weeks back, I talked about selling houses during the holidays when really serious buyers are out in force.Since we bought our first house in the first week of January and sold it on Dec. 31, and bought our third house a week before Christmas, I thought I was standing on really firm ground in my recommendation.That is, however, until ...

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Buyer Beware: What You Need To Know About Warranty Companies
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

True story: Our four-year-old refrigerator died an ugly death late last year. After being diagnosed and fixedmore than onceby the same repair company, our warranty company finally authorized the purchase of a brand-new fridge.nbsp;We were, frankly, pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was and also chalked it up to financial karma for hav...

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Can You Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

The real estate market remains hot right now, despite economic headwinds. Many people want to jump in and buy a home or upgrade their current home to a new one for good reason. Interest rates are incredibly low, so now could still be a buying opportunity, despite limited inventory and high prices in some locations.If your credit isnt perfect, yo...

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Seven Steps to Take to Prepare Your House to Sell in the New Year
Written By: Jeffrey M. Fagan

The holidays are a wrap, and with the coming of the new year, many people are starting to make their new years resolutions. If selling your home is one of those resolutions, its beneficial to take steps now to prepare your house to sell in the new year. Getting a jump start on this preparation can help your home be ready for the spring/summer ho...

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The Biggest Challenges House Flippers Face
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

There tends to be a glamorization of house flipping, likely brought about by watching home improvement and real estate shows. The reality is that house flipping can be a difficult and often disappointing undertaking. Thats not to say some house flippers dont find great success, but there are also so many challenges that can come along too.If you...

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Seven Steps to Take to Prepare...
The holidays are a wrap, and with the coming of the new year, many people are starting to ma...

The Biggest Challenges House F...
There tends to be a glamorization of house flipping, likely brought about by watching home i...

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